• LandView 2.6 is here! Our latest version is will be available for download starting Wednesday Nov 6th.  Read more about all the new features here.
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LandView is a map-based app for teams that manage enterprise Ag, with ability to sync data across users. Provides near real time task management. View aerial images and soil maps. Contact Us For More Info

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LandView uses innovative cloud technology to allow you to see exactly what’s going on from the time a task is created to the time it’s completed – whether you’re the land owner or the guy running to pick up a part. This App allows you to see exactly what’s being done on your property and how it’s being done so that nothing is over-looked.

LandView (compatible for iPhone and iPad) differs from regular GIS systems in that it lets you create tasks and track the completion of those tasks from any and all devices (both individual and groups) that are hooked up to the system. With LandView, you have an intuitive, user-friendly application that uses imagery and real time updates to give you a big picture perspective of site-specific data. From farmers and forestry consultants to golf course and city park managers; LandView is designed for the land-based manager.