Take advantage of our introductory pricing!

LandView requires a cloud account to run. The cloud account syncs your data across devices and backs up your data to our secure servers. See the plans below and contact us to get started.


  • ✔ 1 user
  • ✔ 40MB of image and file storage
  • ✔ $80 one time setup fee

A great way to get started! We'll sync all your data between your iPhone and iPad, and back it up in our cloud.

Free Annual Subscription

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All pricing is in US Dollars

LandView App

$19.99 USD Purchased through Apple App Store with an iTunes account. Each cloud user account allows a connection to both an iPad and an iPhone.  See the App Store for pricing in other regions.

Data Import Pricing

Do you have existing data you want to use in LandView?  We'll help you import it into your cloud account to make you more immediately productive.

Data TypePricingDetails
Aerial, satelite and other similar images. Standard formats (png or geotiff). $0.20 / acre $5 per image minimum
Shapefile. Standard format (ESRI specification). $5 / field
PDF File $1 / each
Pictures from camera roll on device Included! Pictures taken with your device will be automatically synced to your cloud account
Imported pictures from external source $1 / picture
200MB additional storage beyond basic $100 / year

Bundle Pricing

Have a large amount of imports or other custom work? We're happy to help! Depending on the quantity and type of the work, we offer buddled pricing on pre-paid orders.
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Custom Work

Let us customize LandView to fit your specific needs! LandView is extremely flexible and allows for almost any workflow. We'd love to build a custom package to make you even more effecient!
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A Note About Storage Fees

The storage fee includes the actual storage used on our servers for pictures, images, shape files and PDFs. In general this is close the the original submitted file size. In the case of aerial (and similar) imagery, it is the storage used for the tiled layers that are created for the iOS device. This is often larger than the submitted file.