Image Inbox

Altamont Image Inbox provides a powerful tool to manage outside exams and automatically update patient and study demographics.

By providing a single, simple zero footprint user interface for all outside studies, users no longer require training for multiple cloud vendor solutions. In addition, rules based purging eliminates studies which serve no purpose before they go to PACS or VNA.

  • Upload CDs from specialty areas using Altamont's zero footprint interface.
  • Save money by eliminating unwanted studies on your PACS
  • Improve patient care by reducing delays for outside studies


Receive outside studies

  • Upload CD’s from specialty areas using Altamont zero footprint interface
  • Receive data over VPN directly from partner institutions
  • Download directly from Cloud Vendors
  • Query/Retrieve from DICOM compliant remote archives


  • Automatically match studies using reconcile rules, update, and forward without user intervention.
  • Patient/Study demographics can be queried using DICOM Modality Worklist, DICOM Query/Retrieve, EPIC Web Services or FHIR
  • Easy to use manual reconcile wizard with best guess list of near match studies

Auto Order

  • Forward HL7 orders based on reconciliation data to RIS, PACS, EHR, or all three at once
  • Automatically create outside accession numbers using prefix/suffix and numbering rules

Platform Server Requirements

Component Requirement
Operating System Windows Server 2012 r2
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2019
CPU 4 Core VM or Server CPU
Network Interface 1Gb/s recommended
Disk Storage 80 GB of available hard-disk space
500 GB of available hard-disk space
Memory 8 GB
.NET Framework .Net Framework 4.5 or later

Client Requirements

Browser Google Chrome version 37 or later
Internet Explorer 11 or later
Mozilla Firefox version 47 or later
Microsoft Edge