CaptureWare Video

Connect video clips and images to PACS & EMR

When building a comprehensive enterprise image archive, healthcare facilities have found that integrating the multitude of video devices is a daunting task. From endoscopes to otoscopes, cystoscopes, and sigmoidoscopes, the diversity and volume of video devices make this task cost prohibitive. Altamont's CaptureWare Video provides a software only capture solution providing a unified user interface across all departments. Because it is a software solution you can utilize your desktop hardware already available within each exam room. And with enterprise pricing we offer unlimited video connections for a single low price.


High Definition and Standard Video Sources

  • Captures videos and stills from 4K (High definition) and standard video sources.


  • Draw directly on still images using your mouse or stylist
  • Predefined terms and ad-hoc text can be dropped to identify key areas
  • Place circles or rectangles to highlight relevant regions

Video Editing

  • Easily trim video clips
  • Extract key still images

Centralized Administration

  • Configuration
  • Audit
  • Logging
  • Administration

Hardware Support

  • Validated against a wide variety of off the shelf video capture devices
  • Touch screen compatible user interface
  • Foot pedal and scope trigger support

Desktop Requirements

Component Requirement
Operating System Windows 10 Professional
Windows 11 Professional
Windows 10 IoT
CPU Intel i5 or equivalent
Network Interface 1Gb/s recommended
Disk Storage 250 GB of available hard-disk space
Memory 8 GB
.NET Framework .Net Framework 4.5 or later