About Us

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*Headquarters located near Altamont Pass in Pleasanton, CA

In 2016 medical imaging software veterans Brian Cavanaugh and Chris Barnett formed Altamont Software with the goal of solving the persistent non-DICOM enterprise medical imaging connectivity and workflow issues affecting healthcare providers.

These two longtime colleagues have extensive experience in this area. Brian and Chris co-founded PACSGEAR in 2002 and brought the desktop application PacsSCAN to the radiology marketplace. When PACSGEAR was sold to Lexmark International in 2013, PacsSCAN was being used by over 50% the healthcare institutions in the US to simplify the capture and sharing of non-DICOM documents and images.

Leveraging this vast experience, the team at Altamont Software developed modern solutions that are built on a next-generation, web-based, and unified Connectivity Platform that addresses the enterprise device management and medical imaging workflow challenges facing healthcare organizations today. This unified approach ensures simplicity at every turn, and facilitates centralized management, configuration, licensing, and deployment, with enterprise security and scalability.

Altamont Software is a California corporation which is proud that 100% of our software development and technical support is USA based. We are a customer first company that works closely with some of the world’s largest and most forward-thinking healthcare organizations.