DICOM SR Integration Improves Radiologist Productivity at Multi-Site Radiology Practice

Quantum Imaging & Therapeutic Associates (QITA) radiologists faced inefficiencies in their reporting processes. They had to manually transpose ultrasound and DEXA measurements into their reports or dictate them from scanned tech worksheets.

To resolve these inefficiencies while maintaining radiologists' ability to read from any location, QITA embarked on an effort to automatically populate their ultrasound and DEXA diagnostic reports with measurements transmitted in DICOM Structured Report (SR) format.

Read this case study to learn how the clinical team at Quantum Imaging benefitted from the Altamont Dicom SR Integration.

Read this case study to learn about:

1. Reduce report turnaround time by automatically populating measurement fields and eliminating the need for manual data entry or dictation.
2. Eliminate paper-based workflows for radiologists by converting tech worksheets to DICOM files.
3. Significantly reduce dictation and transcription errors in measurements.
4. Automatically incorporate all DEXA measurements into the structured reporting template.
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