A full range of connectivity apps to connect documents and images to PACS and EHR

CaptureWare provides a variety of connectivity apps to integrate any image into your EHR, PACS or other enterprise system. From scanned documents, photos, non-radiology jpegs, or outside CDs, CaptureWare is your one stop connectivity solution. All apps are zero footprint, enabling centralized deployment and eliminating individual desktop installation and configuration.

Contact Altamont to request a free trial, and inquire about our simple Enterprise Licensing which is often less than you pay in annual support for similar solutions.

CaptureWare Apps


Easily scan related clinical paperwork from any TWAIN compliant scanner and send directly into any imaging study. Automatically lookup Patient/Study information from Modality Worklist using Barcodes or OCR. Zero footprint technology assures that patient PHI is never written to local disk.

CD Import

Simple, robust app to import outside DICOM CDs and Studies. Easily update patient demographics or reconcile against local worklist, PACS or Archive. Handles non-compliant DICOM studies as well.

Photo Upload

Upload photos, PDFs and other clinical files from any department in the hospital directly to your EHR or PACS. Tools are available to crop, edit and rotate images before importing.

Print to DICOM

CaptureWare's print driver allows you to virtually print any document to DICOM, associate with patient context and send directly to your EHR or PACS.

Electronic Forms

Altamont's Electronic Forms module allows you to eliminate paper workflows. Customize your eForms with text entry, check boxes, and pull-downs to mimic your current clinical documentation. Patient/study information is automatically populated before the form is stored on your PACS or VNA as a DICOM Secondary Capture object.

All CaptureWare applications leverage the power of the Altamont Connectivity Platform, providing centralized deployment, configuration, authentication and audit functionality. In addition, CaptureWare apps can be launched directly from the EHR or PACS while maintaining the current patient/study context. Single sign-on functionality eliminates redundant user logins.

Platform Server Requirements

Component Requirement
Operating System Windows Server 2012 r2
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2019
CPU 4 Core VM or Server CPU
Network Interface 1Gb/s recommended
Disk Storage 80 GB of available hard-disk space
500 GB of available hard-disk space
Memory 8 GB
.NET Framework .Net Framework 4.5 or later

Client Requirements

Browser Google Chrome version 37 or later
Internet Explorer 11 or later
Mozilla Firefox version 47 or later
Microsoft Edge