Lab Tech holding a successfully burned Dicom disc

Outbox is an enterprise level, zero-footprint DICOM media creation solution. Outbox Improves the productivity of those generating patient CD’s by enabling burning to distributed resources. Outbox also includes analytic tools for centralized tracking of burner utilization & status, referral patterns and user engagement.


Simplifies and centralizes patient CD creation.
Enables burning to remote, shared burners from any location.
Centralized configuration and management.
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Zero-Footprint Interface

Available from any desktop in your facility
No client-software install or upgrade required

One-Click Burning

Query multiple PACS, VNA’s or other imaging system
Launch directly from your EHR or PACS

Centralized Administration



Direct data to a specific burner
Automatically load balance across two or more systems

System Features

Include reports using HL7, SR, FHIR and custom interfaces
Supports a variety of DICOM Viewers for the PC and Mac
Supports large studies including Tomography
Anonymize patient studies or any DICOM field
Stat case feature to support emergency cases
Encrypt studies on portable media
Create Custom Disc Labels

Connectivity Platform Benefits

Outbox leverages the power of the Altamont Connectivity Platform.

Centralized deployment, configuration, authentication and audit.
Launch directly from an EHR or PACS and maintain patient/study context.
Leverage single sign-on to minimize user logins.
All apps are zero footprint

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