Passport SR

An Ultrasound Tech holding an Ultrasound device with a monitor behind her

30% of clinical reports have data errors due to manual entry of modality measurements from Ultrasound, DEXA, CT Dose or Mammography!

Measurements performed during image acquisition are a critical addition to the diagnostic process. These values must become part of the clinical report to assure quality patient care. Traditional paper-based workflows that require the dictation of important measurements is time consuming and introduces an alarming number of errors.

Passport SR automates the process of capturing all DICOM Structured Report (DICOM SR) measurement data and ensures it is inserted into the correct fields in a radiologist’s report.


graphic outlining passport SR / forms workflow of US, DEXA, CT, AI to PACS and reporting systems

Improves Quality

Provides the technologist a way to correct inaccurate data and input additional information, including custom data fields, via electronic forms.

Saves Time

Saves technologist and radiologist time by automatically incorporating numerical data in a standardized format and by eliminating the dictation of measurements.

Superior Reports

Enriches the value of clinical reports by making it easy to include quantitative measurement data where previously there was none.
Increases clinical report quality by ensuring the correct and accurate measurements are used in clinical decision-making.
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Normalize Report Measurements

All measurements that are auto-populated into the report template will have consistent rounding and units

eForm Support

Add Altamont eForm functionality to allow users to add additional information to the report
Technologists can QA/Modify SR measurements from the eForm


Works with all modality manufacturers and models
Integrates measurements from any DICOM SR or HL7 message
Supports Nuance 360, 3M MModal, Dolbey and other dictation systems

Simple to Configure

Easy to use point and click mapping tool
Simple pulldowns to convert dates and weights/measures
Uses historical data to see results immediately during configuration


Single, central location for reviewing HIPAA audit information

Typical Supported Exam Types




CT Dose







Customer Trust

"We have realized a 27% reduction in ultrasound-related clinical data errors since implementing Passport SR."

Alex Kotani

Diagnostic Reporting Technologies Specialist


"Since using Passport SR, reporting Ultrasound and DEXA has become a breeze, easily cutting down my read time by up to 40%."

Kenneth Jusko


Quantum Imaging and Therapeutic Associates

Connectivity Platform Benefits

Passport SR leverages the power of the Altamont Connectivity Platform.

Centralized deployment, configuration, authentication and audit.
Launch directly from an EHR or PACS and maintain patient/study context.
Leverage single sign-on to minimize user logins.
All apps are zero footprint

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