Altamont Passport

Altamont Passport provides a suite of leading edge, workflow tools to solve any image management problem.

With routing, pre-fetch, modality worklist and DICOM SR integration, Passport will get you through any roadblock facing your Enterprise Imaging department.

Passport Router

Routing images is simple

  • Rules based image level routing
  • Tag morphing
  • Fast, guaranteed delivery

Passport Prefetch

Make sure that every study is available where and when you need it.

  • Flexible triggers based on HL7, DICOM, or EHR interrogation
  • Rules based migration
  • Time delay to optimize your network traffic

Passport MWL

As Enterprise Imaging expands throughout your institution, Passport MWL is powerful enough to broker all your modality scheduling information.

  • Unscheduled, non-radiology workflows
  • Support for multiple scheduling systems
  • Rules based mapping and tag morphing

Passport SR

Critical Structured Report data can be mapped and integrated into any voice dictation system.

  • Template based mapping of any DICOM SR field
  • Secondary queries to fill in any missing pieces
  • Rules wizards shorten the process of configuration and testing
  • Seamless integration with Nuance 360 or M*Modal Fluency

One powerful platform

Like every Altamont Software product, Passport is built on our Image Connectivity Platform providing centralized management and configuration without the hassles associated with desktop applications. With centralized audit, LDAP and AD authentication and zero-footprint administration, Altamont fulfils all your Enterprise level requirements.

Platform Server Requirements

Component Requirement
Operating System Windows Server 2012 r2
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2019
Network Interface 1Gb/s recommended
Disk Storage 250 GB of available hard-disk space
Memory 8 GB
.NET Framework .Net Framework 4.5 or later

Client Requirements

Browser Google Chrome version 37 or later
Internet Explorer 11 or later
Mozilla Firefox version 47 or later
Microsoft Edge